Hire an Accelerator

Staffing and training the next generation of IT professionals
Building up know-how of the latest technological innovations is an essential skill for any modern organization but attracting the right candidates is a tough job.

Xccelerated has over 15 years of experience with building data-driven organizations.  Our roots are firmly planted in scalable data platforms, data science, and cloud technology, and over the years we have assessed and trained hundreds of modern data professionals. Xccelerated knows what it takes to become a data-driven organization.

Access new top talent

We connect you with the fresh data professionals. No high-potentials, but top juniors who have proven their potential. Say farewell to recruitment.

Build your team

A long term solution because of our deta-vast service. After 12 months candidates will transfer to your organization directly.

Expert Trainers And Coaches

Our top industry professionals provide training and coaching, reducing your hiring time and on-the-job training.

Proven track record

Exccelent references from companies like Heineken, ING, Nuon and KLM. They are happy to share their experience with you.

Train Your Current Team

Want to grow your existing team’s skillset? We also offer our industry-leading training programs for organizations of all sizes.