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Xccelerated is a joint initiative between Xebia and GoDataDriven, accelerating careers and skills of young professionals. Through our 13-month program, we train highly-skilled (big) data professionals with 1 to 3 years of work experience to become authorities in their fields and connect them to their next employer. Think about Heineken, KLM, ING, Nuon or Schiphol Group. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Our advanced training program develops each person’s technical and personal competencies, starting with a full-month bootcamp (hands-on training) followed by the opportunity to work directly on real-world big data and data science challenges. 4 days a week at our partners, 1-day extra training and project support from our technical leads. After one year, Xccelerators have the opportunity to transfer to the partner organization directly without any strings attached.

Eliminating the shortage of highly skilled data scientists, data engineers & cloud developers

Reasons to choose Xccelerated

Reasons to Join

Get paid and work on exciting projects

Paid job, working on the most exciting projects for companies like Heineken, KLM, Nuon, Schiphol Group or ING. With exciting we mean real big data or data science cases. We are very picky with our clients with less than 1 hour travelling time guaranteed.

Advanced training program

No high-potential program where we teach you the basics you already know. A 13-month advanced program to take your skills to the next level. After a full-month hands-on bootcamp you’ll apply your new skills directly at the company of your choice and get weekly training and project support from our technical leads, including 1 day per month personal development training.

Work and fun go hand in hand

Having fun while accelerating your career. Because what’s work without fun? A cool team to join, after work drinks & games. Seeing your peers every week, sharing fun and knowledge

Reasons to Hire

Build your own team

Build your internal team without depending solely on external recruitment companies or senior consultancy firms. Through our “deta-vast” construction our Xccelerators will join your organizations directly after 12 months. 

Proven track record

No high-potentials, but young professionals with a minimum of 1 year work experience. They have proven their potential and add value from day 1 by passing our strict selection process and finishing one of our bootcamp programs.

High-quality guidance

Part of Xebia and GoDataDriven. 4 days per way, our Xccelerators work at your location. Their return day consists of extra training and project support from our technical leads. Our Talent Manager will ensure their personal development through their monthly training & development program.

The Xccelerated Training Programs >>


Data Science >>

During the data science program, you go in-depth with a wide variety of topics that top-end data scientists require to make real business impact.

Data Engineering >>

Grow into a data engineering role to support the business with any data challenges, from both a technical and organizational perspective. 

Cloud Development >>

Learn to use the latest cloud services to create new designs, architectures, standards and methods for large-scale distributed systems.

The Xccelerated Story

Empowering people to achieve their full potential is in our DNA. Our approach is founded on deep-rooted values and a mindset established over 15 years ago by our founders. We inherited our values and experience from our founders – Xebia Group and GoDataDriven – two organizations working on the bleeding-edge of IT consultancy for years.



Bart Wetselaar

Bart Wetselaar

Team Lead

Mahlia Joenoes

Mahlia Joenoes

Talent Development Lead

Matthijs Brouns

Matthijs Brouns

Data Science Lead

Michiel Kroon van Diest

Michiel Kroon van Diest

Business Development Lead

Samantha Goncalves

Samantha Goncalves

Talent Acquisition Lead

Emanuel Lal

Emanuel Lal

Data Engineering Lead

Every member of our core team brings a different specialty to the table in order to complement our combined team skills. What we have in common is that we all share the same ambition that gets us out of bed every day and brings a smile on our faces: Empowering both young professionals as well as ambitious brands to reach their full potential with data and AI, effectively and efficiently.

Besides our core team, we currently have a group of 23 data science and data engineering Xccelerators.



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