Data Science Training Program

Grow your skills to develop production-ready data science solutions at scale

The Xccelerated Data Science Training Program is an intensive training program for experienced data scientists who want to go beyond developing models that run in local notebooks only. During the data science program, you go in-depth with a wide variety of topics that top-end data scientists require to make real business impact.

After the program, you know everything you need to develop scalable data science applications that can be taken into production.

The Xccelerated Data Science Training Program

In this program, we don’t teach you the basics – You already know these! Instead, we focus on the skills you need to actually solve the problem your business is facing.

Writing deployable code, version control, continuous integration, working with Docker and cloud computing, A/B Testing, deploying model artifacts and monitoring your models in production are all topics that we cover extensively in our program to make sure that our Xccelerators have a big impact at our partners.

The Data Science Boot Camp

The boot camp consists of four weeks. In the first week, we focus a lot on software engineering principles. Because in the end, you’re writing code to make sure you can deliver data products. Making sure that the code is testable and can be easily deployed is an important part of being effective as a data scientist.

Then in our second week, we’re focusing more on cloud technologies and web technologies to make sure that you can work at a scale that is larger than just your own laptop.

In week three, we start to dive more into the data stack. In this case specifically, the Python data stack. So we’re going to dive in pandas, in Matplotlib. See how they exactly work, how you can write fast performing, easily maintainable code with those libraries.

The last week consists of more machine learning aspects. So, we make sure that everyone has the right basis to write a machine learning model at their client to get that all running in production.

Data Science Training Program


“The skills I learned during the Xccelerated Bootcamp are of great use in my day-to-day work at KLM. If only I had known them sooner, the coding part of my master thesis would have gone a lot smoother!”


Data Scientist, KLM

Topics of The Xccelerated Data Science Training Program

  • Advanced Pandas
  • Advanced Scikit-learn
  • Building custom models
  • Data science with Spark
  • Data science at the command line
  • Data engineering with Python
  • Flask REST API’s
  • Model deployment best practices
  • Monitoring models in production
  • Cloud-native data science
  • CI/CD
  • Docker & Kubernetes
  • Probabilistic data structures
  • Causal Inference
  • Recommender systems
  • Deep learning with Pytorch
  • Streaming algorithms
  • Soft skills


 “After the boot camp, I had the feeling that I should rewrite all my previous projects!”


Data Science Xccelerator

For Who Is The Data Science Training Program?

This program is ideal for data scientists who already have some experience as a data scientist. That means you should know the statistics and the math and you have some of the background needed to build models.

What you learn in this program is scaling up. You learn how to actually solve the problems of the business. We make sure that you are not just writing notebooks or writing models in your Jupyter notebooks on your local machine. You’re actually able to also put these things into production in a nicely scalable way.

An Xccelerator has a very broad skillset. You have to be curious. You have to be willing to learn and you have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone.

The boot camp is very intensive. We spend a lot of time teaching you new things and the speed is definitely quite high. You have to be comfortable with that.

But mostly be curious, be driven, and you’ll be fine.

Data scientists in the program have quite a broad number of backgrounds. There are some people who have for example PhD’s in Physics or in Math, there is also masters in computer science. Everyone has at least one year of relevant working experience in the data science domain.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You have finished a Masters degree (Artificial Intelligence, Business analytics, Econometrics);
  • You have relevant working experience (1 – 3 years) from an internship at a company, job on the side while studying and/or working experience as a data scientist;
  • You have hands-on experience with Machine learning models and building forecast models from scratch;
  • You are eager to learn new things every day, you want to know everything about the newest technologies and like to work with colleagues with a passion for data;
  • You enjoy helping businesses get more value out of their data and applications;
  • You love programming, preferably in Python. 

When Does The Next Data Science Training Program Start?

The next Data Science Training Program starts on September 1st, 2019.

Apply Directly

If you have any questions, please contact Mahlia Joenoes through or telephone number 06-30336940.

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